Addiction Rehab: Facts about Substance Abuse Most People Deny

Addiction rehab is the result of the massive and alarming pandemic of substance abuse and dependence. Treatment programs are accessible through rehab facilities and clinic which could be either government-funded or private. There are numerous facts about drug and alcohol addiction that most people tend to deny or ignore, resulting in the worsening of the problem in Canada today. The government initialized various efforts in order to remedy the seemingly relentless problem on substance abuse then and now.

Addiction Rehab and Things you Need to Know

Knowledge and awareness about drug and alcohol abuse are the keys to discover the alarming effects of addiction and why this has to stop right here, right now. Addiction rehab facilities can only do so much in terms of assistance and support to the client. Stopping the addiction pandemic takes a village in order to contain and stop the problem for good. There are things about alcohol and drug addiction that should be remembered and understood:

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Alcohol Facts and Must-Knows

Individuals with an alcohol problem are those that struggle with drinking wherein their habit is already interfering with their normal life. Drinking becomes a problem when the alcohol issue affects your daily activities and most importantly, your health. Alcohol dependence could be in a physiological and emotional level and the symptoms of alcoholism may vary from one person to another.

Some o f the most prominent manifestations of alcohol addiction include blackouts, changes in the personality of the individual, higher tolerance or cravings for alcohol in order to experience the same effects, and denial of the addiction issue. There are instances when the alcoholic could simply sneak or gulp drinks even in the early hours of the morning. Alcoholics are prone to involuntary muscle spasms or shaking and could have strained relationships with family members, friends, and colleagues.

Drugs Facts and Must-Knows

People addicted to narcotics could use and abuse different substances of choice. Some of the most common illicit drugs in the streets of Canada include cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin, and opiates. Both prescription and non-prescription drugs are commonly used and abused and the addiction to narcotics results in various crimes and fatalities.

There are club drugs such as date rape drugs and ecstasy that are also popular at trances, raves, and all-night dances. Most of these drugs are extremely dangerous and could lead to overdose and eventually, death. Opiate derivatives such as fentanyl are another powerful, potent, and strong drug that is known to be 100 times much stronger than heroin and morphine. Exposure to fentanyl could be fatal especially with a higher dosage. However, the biggest risk in fentanyl overdose is that it could enter your system and have fatal effects through skin contact such as in the case of skin patch fentanyl.

The harrowing truth about substance abuse is real but some people tend to ignore and deny the facts that are staring them straight in the face. Addiction rehab treatment is a necessity if you want to get rid of your addiction now.

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