Distinction Between Liposuction And Lipolysis

You’ve got to be acquainted with the term liposuction. Yes, your body contouring method that helps eliminate undesirable fat on various parts of body and enhance your figure and the body contours. What when we say we are able to supply you a less invasive option to this process? Yes, you’ve heard right. There’s non-invasive option to traditional liposuction and that’s lipolysis. Liposuction and Lipolysis both of them are among popular methods yet there are plenty of those who are still unclear about the variations between two. If you’re also one of these and wish to be aware of variations, continue studying.


Wish to consider talk about some important variations between liposuction and lipolysis methods.

Key Difference: Well, the important thing distinction between liposuction and Lipolysis is the fact that former option removes extra fat using gentle suction while latter procedure involves using cocktail of certain medications for hydrolysis of fats.

Besides primary distinction between liposuction and Lipolysis pointed out above, there are many other variations too. Try them out.

Liposuction versus. Lipolysis

General Description – liposuction is really a surgical way in which breaks lower fats using back and forth motion of cannula and uses suction way of fat removal while Lipolysis is really a non-invasive procedure by which hydrolysis happens.

Principle – a skinny cannula can be used to suction fat cells in liposuction during Lipolysis liquefied fat is taken away through body’s the lymphatic system.


Anesthesia Used – liposuction could be carried out under either local anesthesia or general anesthesia with respect to the extent of procedure, quantity of areas and quantity of fat. Unlike this, Lipolysis is carried out under local anesthetic.

Treatment Areas – liposuction removes deep localized levels of fat and customary treatment areas include abdomen, breasts, arms, sides, tops ., upper thighs and double face. Lipolysis works well for elimination of both superficial and deep fats.

Procedure – liposuction involves making small incisions of three-4 mm to insert small cannula within the skin and break lower and take away fats. In Lipolysis, 2 mm of incisions are created by which cocktail is injected within the fat layer.

Publish-Operative Discomfort – Liposuction could cause moderate to severe publish-operative discomfort with respect to the quantity of treated areas and quantity of fat removed. However, Lipolysis causes no or mild publish-operative discomfort. Cosmetic surgeons prescribe discomfort medications to lessen discomfort and discomfort.

Down time – After liposuction, you’ll have the ability to resume your routine following a week to 2 while Lipolysis requires no down time and you’ll have the ability to resume your normal routine soon after the process.

Main Point Here:

Liposuction and Lipolysis both methods work well but aren’t same and their very own benefits and drawbacks. So, before choosing any, you should seek the aid of a skilled cosmetic surgeon. This won’t assist you to select the best option but probably help you to get effective results.

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