Everything you need to Know about Anadrol 50 -Is it Safe for Women?

There are a variety of steroids and supplements available in the market, which is used for various purposes and in different fields. However, most of these steroids are widely consumed by the body builders and the weight lifters. One of the most popular one is the Anadrol 50, which is mostly consumed by body builders during their bulking cycles. Anadrol 50 is an androgenic steroid, which is known to enhance the muscles of the consumer.

However, most of the experts have suggested that women should avoid consuming such steroids as they can enhance their masculinity. Also, there can be various side effects of consuming anadrol 50. In this article, we will be discussing all about anadrol 50 and some of the side effects for women.


Know some facts about anadrol 50

Many of the professionals and researchers have written about anadrol on various websites and blogs. You can procure more information on Anadrol from such blogs. Here are few of the facts about anadrol, which everyone should know –

  • Anadrol is known to stimulate strength and enhance the muscles of the person consuming it.
  • Anadrol 50 is mainly consumed in the bulking cycles of the body builders, which helps gain muscle fat without compromising on the strength.
  • The legal status of anadrol will depend on the area in which you live in. While in most of the countries, anadrol is legal to purchase, in some countries the sale and the purchase of anadrol is strictly prohibited.
  • There are various alternatives of anadrol 50, the most common is Dianabol.
  • It is essential to consume anadrol in cycles so that the side effects are limited and not severe.

What are the side effects of anadrol 50 for women?

The recent researches have shown that the anadrol 50 can give their female consumers poor results and hence they should avoid consuming them. Women can consider having anavar or primobolan in place of this steroid because it will never make them masculine.

Most of the experts have said that a generally recommended 50 mg per week dosage can be harmful for women as the androgen present in the steroid can cause side effects. Further,they advise that women can consume 25 mg of anadrol 50 to avoid any severe side effects.

However, it is extremely important that they consume it in cycles. By cycles, we mean consuming a certain amount of anadrol for a certain period. Consulting an expert is essential before taking any steriods.

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