Using Yoga For Reducing Stomach Fat

The therapy for weight problems is very costly and hard to follow along with. You’ll understand that maintaining a healthy diet and staying away from it’s much simpler and cheaper. Yoga changes you lifestyle and indicates maintaining a healthy diet food which is extremely important for losing stomach fat accrued when you eat junk meals. Fat loss workout routines like Bandha routines can assist you to burn body fat round the belly.


Combined with the exercise eating routine have to be controlled. Also have healthy food that have calories ion the ratio you burn daily. Listed here are 3 asanas which supports in lessening stomach fat.

  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose) – This pose has dual advantages of strengthening the stomach abs and reducing stomach fat. The spine also becomes strong and versatile with regular practice. The pose involves

Laying on stomach with legs extended.

Placing the face on the ground and also the toes touching the floor.

Gradually enhance the upper area of the body bending the chest area whenever possible while inhaling. This is actually the cobra pose.

Contain the pose as much as thirty seconds after which bring body to original position while exhaling.


Repeat the pose 5 occasions.

  1. Dhanurasana (Bow Pose) – This pose helps you to strengthen the rear muscle and cuts down on the stomach fat also. It may also help in controlling digestion. The pose involves

Lounging on stomach with legs extended out and arms on each side.

Bend the knee and achieve the arm to carry ankle or ft.

Raise your mind and bend it backwards while inhaling and lift the legs up to possible.

Try holding the pose for thirty seconds breathing normally.

Return to original position while exhaling.

Repeat the pose for five occasions minimum for excellent effect.

  1. Naukasana (The boat pose) – A great pose for reducing waist and leg fat. Additionally, it fortifies the muscles from the back. The pose involves

Laying on back with legs together and extended arms by side.

Inhale and lift your legs and keep them straight. Your legs shouldn’t bend.

Now stretch both your hands for an make an effort to achieve the toes and make 45 degree position with body and leg while inhaling.

Breathe normally and contain the pose for just a few seconds.

Release the pose while exhaling returning to the initial position.

Repeat for five occasions.

Each one of these poses ought to be practiced morning hours to improve the metabolic process from the body. Metabolic process boost is needed for losing fat. Strict nutritious diet ought to be maintained throughout the practice.

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